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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we have team coverage of this first of several storms. >> katie marzullo and amy hollyfield have been watching conditions along the coast and north bay. first meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the system. good morning. the storm has maybe slowed a little because the brunt of the activity is yet to come. we are looking at leading edge of it now up through sonoma county, a little bit more yellows. the cold front still a couple hours away we are looking at the winds continuing to increase the next few hours of the here's fort ross, and bodega bay getting light rain, wind advisory going up, winds from 10 miles an hour up to 40 miles an area, -- an hour, bay area wide, we'll keep watch all morning long. so far, we are light, but
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preparing for a hectic commute. live look at golden gate bridge down to one lane northbound, two lanes southbound. roadwork in the north part of the span that should be picked up in the next half an hour. very light conditions, no rain there. we did have a little rain farther north in marin this morning. west 4 at harbor, car fire on the shoulder. also roadwork or pardon me yes roadwork al 0 to eastbound 80 ramp closed until 5:00 this morning. there's a detour in place. rain hit north bay first and that area is expected to get some of the most impressive rain and wind. amy hollyfield joins us live from san rafael. >> reporter: good morning. the rain just started seconds ago. heavy drops, not a gust yet, not a downpour.
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the rain is here. all the forecasts are coming true. grab your rain jacket this morning. take a look at this video, likes like this area is ready. people spent yesterday preparing, taking forecasts seriously, we saw a lot of people going to stations their cities set up, a lot in the north bay, where people were gathering sandbags, preparing, putting them around their homes, we saw a lot of people clearing out gutters. people taking this storm seriously. >> bottom of the hill san rafael comes down the hill hard taking precautions. got a little flooded last year. >> reporter: people in downtown san anselmo are watching the storm carefully. downtown flooded in 2005. the downtown seems confident this year that things are going to be okay the creek
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looks low, people have sandbags, they are ready they cezanne anselmo is a tough town -- they say san anselmo is a tough down and will be fine. national weather service describes what is about to hit us as a river of rain, warning everyone to be ready and get prepared. we are in the north bay we'll be watching all morning. be sure and tune in throughout our newscast to get a sense of what it is like outside. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. boat owners are being warned to make sure their vessels be properly moored. katie marzullo continues our coverage from pacifica. >> reporter: the rain just started here but not big drops it is half rain, half sea spray and it is blowing hard within the last few
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minutes. my hat just flew off my head but i was able to grab it. waves starting to churn under the pier you can see. nothing big, but it is loud and it does look like it is getting messy. signs along the railing that warn people the waves can break up over the railing on to the sidewalk. video of people who work on the water don't need to be told twice to be careful of a storm like this. we talked to a crab fisherman in half moon bay coming in early yesterday afternoon off the water and getting ready to batten down the hatches. >> i guess gusts of 50 coming. time to come in. wait it out. >> going to add an extra line just to -- so it doesn't bash the dock.
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>> reporter: you are looking at the pacifica pier, the coast guard is warning the public to avoid low-lying beaches and avoid the water during the storm. they expect high seas and strong winds. i think we are just seeing the beginning of that, right now. katie marzullo, abc7 news. communities around the bay area have been bracing oakland public works crews are handing out sandbags. you can grab one at fire stations across the city from 8 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. crews cleared debris from drains and creeks, officials are looking for volunteers after the first wave of weather passes. in the south bay the water district will use webcams to keep an eye on rivers and creeks. cameras are used to monitor critical drains in los gatos, sunnyvale and morgan hill.
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they will have the latest information. water district is encouraging homeowners to remove leaves and other debris from gutters. we have full resources on how to stay safe during the rainy season or any natural hazard on our website -- website at, see it on tv. this afternoon, 15 year boiled will be arraigned on murder charges in the san jose crime spree that included murder, robbery and shootout with police. the district attorney's office charged adonis muldrow as adult yesterday, prosecutors believe muldrow and wilbanks killed a man outside a 7-eleven two weeks ago. the two went on a crime spree that included four armed robberies and a shootout that injured a san jose police officer. uc berkeley building will
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be opened this morning. several students barricaded themselves 4:00 yesterday afternoon they hung banners from the windows and supporters gathered in the plaza below. protesters released a statement demanding more support for minority programs before they vacated the building. police did not make any arrests. stream of storms headed towards us, live doppler is going to be more important than ever this morning. >> i felt sprinkles driving in around san francisco. >> started getting consistent once i got to san francisco. offshore you can see all the green. we have wind gusts at the coast half moon bay up to 26 miles an hour. winds are ramping up. these two areas of rain are merging. couple areas of rain ahead of the cold front this is all coming together as anticipated. we are looking at heavier rain
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off the sonoma county coast, yellows in here, and very light returns with sprinkles elsewhere over the bay. gender, point rays, getting into the light to moderate rain now. looks like this has slowed a little, still going to move in throughout the morning. looks like 8:00 to 11:00 the heaviest rain, gustyiest wind, 57 in -- san jose, fog in napa, already around the gel that -- around the delta, upper 40s to upper 50s with winds increasing and rain truth the morning. chance of a thunderstorm will be breezy, a few peeks of sun this afternoon, by tonight, scattered showers. next storm system on cue to move our way later this in the day tomorrow. as for today, we are tracking this one and it is on course, rain, wind getting heavier
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throughout the morning. right now things quiet, couple of areas of concern. macarthur maze 580 and 880 come together in emeryville, 580 ramp to eastbound 80 shutdown for roadwork for another 20 minutes otherwise traffic flowing nicely. southbound 680 at washington car fire on the right they thought they had it out crews left and boom, the fire started back up. they are back. roadwork marin county, down to one right lane southbound from cortamadera through mill valley towards sausalito, things open up for the waldo grade, roadwork on golden gate bridge north part of the span for another 20 minutes. westbound 4 harbor big rig on fire, smoking on the shoulder still a good ride out of antioch. injury accident in san jose on
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the almaden expressway. another look at where the rain and the winds are coming up. next, new effort to fight rising gang crime in the south bay. how police departments are teaming up. controversial plan to make flying safer at san jose's airport is put on hold. the reason for
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>> good morning. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd showing a line of showers offshore this is the beginning edge of the cold front. it continues to push on to the bay area and with it, the gusty winds have been gusting over 26 miles an hour this morning. the wind advisory has been boasted through 11:00 this
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morning. you can see -- heavier cells toward sea ranch off the coast of bodega this will continue to move onshore throughout the morning hours. wet weather this morning is worrisome to a community of northern californians, already hit by an earlier disaster. rain, flooding, even mudslides could devastate communites in plumus county an area charred by the chips fire this summer people are worried that loose soil could cause a problem when mixed with heavy rain. pg&e says crews will be working nonstop and make sure -- frightening the homes -- moments for a couple in oakland. the couple took cell phone video of a nissan driving erratically on high street monday when they came to a stop two men in the car jumped out, and demand the cell phone with one of them brandishing a
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gun the couple sped away, several shots were fired hitting their car. it helped police arrest two suspects. growing gang problem on the peninsula, coalition of chiefs banding together top cops from menlo park, east palo alto and palo alto spoke to one city council. alan wang reports. >> in the past four weeks the bell haven area of menlo park has been plagued with four shootings. >> reporter: the cities are teaming up to stop a gang war on their streets. this bloody shootout in menlo park november 2nd, left four men wounded convinced the chiefs to form a task force called smart. >> no innocent bystanders have been struck. >> reporter: almost two weeks ago a 42-year-old man was
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murdered on the same street. police is linked a dozen shootings to a war between two rival street gangs, taliban from menlo park and from east palo alto. it forced the lock down of two schools. police say a 19-year-old was shot. this was the first time the police departments ignored boundaries and began working together, pooling resources to solve the case. >> sending a clear message to the gangs that there's not a place they can go so they can't bounce from city to city and think it going to change the outcome that they are likely to see a response from the three of us no matter which city they are committing violence in. >> reporter: the task force will be stepping up patrols and meeting with gang members but says it will take a lot of help from the community. alan wang, abc7 news. san francisco nonprofit wants to help the city in the battle to upgrade soccer fields in golden gate park.
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a judge is expected to rule within a week in july, the board of supervisors approved the plan to convert the beep chalet soccer field from grass to art -- the beach chalet soccer field from grass to artificial turf. construction is slated to begin in january. a group of nudist activists say they will disrobe in a public meeting tonight to protest the nudity ban. last month demonstrators took their clothes off and expressed outrage at the passing of supervisor weiner's nudity ban that time was spontaneous, tonight they are planning to disrupt the meeting at 7:00. supervisor weiner is expected to be there. final vote on the nudity ban is scheduled for next week. you want to pile on the clothing, especially rain protective ones. >> lisa argen is keeping an eye on live doppler.
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we are just seeing the beginning of the rain, gusty winds, offshore this cold front ahead of it, heaviest rain and breezy conditions. here you can see how the yellows are beginning to form. looking at wind gusts in excess of 25 miles an hour, that's why we have the wind advisory. you can see west of the bodega bay and sea ranch, heavier rain lighter blue indicates sprinkles light rain over the rest of the bay area. we'll take until 8:00 when everyone get into the heaviest rain and cold front approaching the bay. winds continue increase to 30, 40, even 55 miles an hour, mild start with numbers now in the mid 50s, 56 fremont, 59 half moon bay. stormy commute in the next two hours or so rain will shift north tomorrow and then more wet weather follows over the weekend. last system saturday night
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into sunday. you will notice we have a lot of rain to go this is a subtropical fetch from storm number one with gusty rain. storm two focuses in on north bay then shifts south tomorrow night into friday morning another messy commute friday the rest of the day, here we are at 8:00, the heavier cells from north to south, still more to come through the 11:00 hour noontime we are behind the front then we'll see scattered showers and winds begin to taper between now and then, second system, friday morning, 6:00, behind that scattered showers that one going to be a slow mover and bring he rain. sunday night six inches bay area wide, eight inches in extreme north bay, snow gets going 10:00, well above 7,000 feet. low 60s today, mild and the rain should be to the east of
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us throughout the afternoon scattered showers, better evening commute then a brief break come tomorrow. good morning. expecting a rather busy commute right now relatively light this is the bay bridge toll, cars getting through fine no metering lights yet no issues upper deck into san francisco. san jose headlights northbound on 17, at the limit, this is the julian exit across from hp pavillion i'm sorry southbound on -- i'm sorry northbound on 87 problem could be an issue, this is a big rig that caught fire on the shoulder apparently it took out light poles on the way they've had to call a tow truck westbound highway 4 at harbor that will be a bit of an issue getting that out of there we'll follow that back to san jose almaden expressway injury accident. roadwork throughout marin, down to one lane southbound
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from san rafael through greenbrae, cortamadera into mill valley things pick up over the waldo grade where you have all lanes open >> san jose city council is waiting until next week toymgq decide whether to allow airport workers and others to shoot birds at the airport. the airport covers 1,000 acres, including 300 acres of vegetation that attracts birds and other wildlife. the faa has required the city to implement methods to shoot at birds with blanks to disperse them to prevent airline accidents many san jose prohibits anyone other than sworn law enforcement from discharging a firearm within city limits. a falcon is expected to survive, somebody found the adult male in a field near watsonville. wildlife officials say the bird was shot with a pellet gun and has a wound in its
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chest and leg. a team performed surgery, they will feed him and medicate him by hand, then release him back into the wild. still ahead, first of its kind medical transplant. we'll show you how doctors moved a breathing lung from one patient to another. live doppler is tracking rain and wind from a major storm, the first of several coming to the bay area. another check of the forecast and your wet morning commut
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. live doppler this morning picking up heavier cells off the coast of the marin sonoma county coast you can see rain beginning in the north bay. light showers elsewhere around the bay and the winds are gusting up over 26 miles an hour half moon bay. from sea ranch to fort ross, through bodega bay, looking at heavier rain, lighter rain through american canyon through tiburon and in the
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south bay a few sprinkles now we'll be looking at the rain increasing as well as the wind, wind advisory through 11:00 we could see gusts over 60 miles an hour with a high wind warning along the shoreline south along the san mateo coast, be careful out there. so far we don't have reports of roadwork or wet roads due to rain yet so it is coming but not affecting your drive which is good news. looking at the skyway off of the bay bridge traffic light to 101 and south and into the bay bridge looking good light from the westbound direction. a couple issues eastbound 580 the noncommute, another vehicle fire at north flynn, westbound 4 at harbor big rig caught fire on the shoulder, tow truck en route. so far the drive out of antioch not bad. the u.s. marines lifting one more restriction placed on
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females they will be required to perform pull-ups like males as part of the fitness testify the change takes effect in 2014 replaces the current practice of a flex arm hang under the new rules women will have to perform at least three pull-ups to graduate the announcement was made on the same day four female vets and the aclu filed a suit against the defense department over policies that restrict women from some combat positions. southern california man the first in the country to receive a breathing lung transplant. the 57-year-old was battling pulmonary fibrosis he volunteered to be part of a new trial. a team at ucla medical center was able to keep donor lungs as life, the organ was infused with blood and oxygen allowing them to breathe on their own. >> it maintains the donor s outside of the body, on a box,
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-- >> i like to thank them. >> doctors say the transplant was a success. they hope the medical breakthrough can save some of the thousands who die waiting for a transplant. parents have a hugh tech way to check on their baby's breathing. the baby monitor uses a wired sock to measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels. if the baby stops breathing or the heart rate changes the monitor send as an earth to the parents' smartphone via an app. the students get a $ ,000 prize to help bring it to market -- some women are turning to a vampire facelift to take years off their looks. first, blood is taken from their bodies then the platelet rich plasma separated out, injected back into the face doctors say reject isn't an
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issue because it is the patient's own blood, better chance of survival and heal faster. ahead, new information on a tragic double killing in oakland with what we've learned about the young victims. major storm system arriving this morning here's a live picture from pacifica. the big waves are forming already. next, we go live to katie marzullo to find out the conditions outside now. live doppler tracking rain, meteorologist lisa argen will tell us when the heaviest rain will arrive. you can see there's some activity in the north bay getting it
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